Thursday, February 11, 2010


Generally I use this blog to vent about what I feel are society's ills. To shift gears a bit, I want to comment on Glenn Beck's interview of Debra Medina. I listen to Beck each day and am in general agreement with his views. True, he can be a little alarmist but these may be times that need an alarm to be sounded. We really need quality leadership and we need it right now. Since I will be voting in the Texas Republican primary and am a Libertarian, I have followed Ms. Medina's campaign with much interest. I thought she embodied all the qualities that I think Texas' governor should possess. I was absolutely shocked that she wouldn't either confirm or deny the allegation that she is a 9/11 truther.

Now, Beck has taken much heat today in the blogosphere about that interview. Some have called it a set-up or hatchet job or worse. First, I don't smell set-up at all. I think Beck expected a simple "no" and then move on to the next question. I think it was intended as a softball question. I could sense the consternation and then frustration from Beck as Ms. Medina sidestepped the question. He immediately wrote her off as well he should.

Second, I don't want a governor that is afraid to admit what he or she thinks. For the record, I think the truthers are absolute wack jobs. If they are right, God help us. Debt and budget crises don't mean anything compared to a government that would kill it's own citizens to justify a war. I am quite sure we don't know every detail of that horrible day and I'm not sure I want to. But, the idea that our own government was involved in any way is too monstrous to consider and I for one refuse to give it any consideration. However, if Ms. Medina, or any candidate for that matter, really thinks that is a possibility, they should at least have the courage to make their views known.

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