Saturday, November 20, 2010

Do something-even if it's wrong!

Guess that must be our new mantra. Maybe it always was. The Fed messing about in the economy. The TSA messing about in our pants. We expect results in a hurry and if what we just tried didn't work, let's wait a day or two and try something else. We demand instant gratification.

Problem is, we don't really know what we want except in a vague, general sort of way. We want a strong economy and security. Just make it so! Ain't gonna happen-at least not tomorrow or the next day. Solutions? I sure don't have any. Maybe all we can do is raise our voices to the people who can do something. Ourselves.

Will a majority Republican house make a difference. I hope so but deep down I doubt it. I don't believe a solution to our problems will ever come from a politician. The world really is different now and we have only ourselves to rely on. Better get busy.

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